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CynkUp is a powerful new smartphone tool that helps people shake the right hands at live events.


create a post

Send an email describing what you're looking for in your own words. CynkUp finds the best matches for you.


get matches

Events are all about meeting the right people. CynkUp creates connections that matter - and value for event organizers, attendees and exhibitors.



CynkUp sends you a list of matching posts. Pick the ones you like, start email conversations and arrange to meet when you’re ready.


See how it works


Attending or exhibiting at an event?

CynkUp delivers what you’re looking for.

01 Post

Write what you’re looking for in your own words. You stay anonymous and identify yourself when you’re ready.

02 Connect

CynkUp uses unique matching technology to find the right connections among attendees, exhibitors and speakers.

03 Meet

Review your matches, pick the best ones and start email conversations. Choose who you’d like to meet.

Watch our demo below.

Meet CynkUp Play video

Shake the right hands. CynkUp improves live events for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.

For Event Organizers

CynkUp makes your show more valuable to exhibitors and attendees by making their event experience a success with increased engagement and value. And all that trend data and insight stays in YOUR HANDS — not at a public third-party social network


For Attendees

Attendees make connections based on exactly what they're looking for. Whether they just want to talk, develop new business or find new products or services — they’ll quickly find people who want to “CynkUp”.

For Exhibitors

Exhibitors develop more qualified leads, connect with their audiences faster and provide live updates during the show.

Hosting an event? Setup is easy.

02 Share

Share your attendee email addresses with us. They remain confidential and will be used for no other purpose.

03 Sit back

We take care of the rest — managing the system and making connections.


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Download our fact sheet to learn more about CynkUp.


What size conferences do you support?

Sarah S.

Boston, MA

Dear Sarah,

CynkUp can scale up to any conference size because any number of attendees can communicate through email.

— The CynkUp Team

How quickly can I get CynkUp up and running?

Calvin A.

Newport, RI

Dear Calvin,

A few months’ lead time is best to allow you to market CynkUp to your attendees. Operationally, a phone or in-person setup meeting is all that’s needed.

— The CynkUp Team

How does your pricing structure work?

Aria K.

Columbus, OH

Dear Aria,

It’s a fixed fee based
on the number of registrants at your

— The CynkUp Team

What technology do I need to run this service?

Stephen M.

Chicago, IL

Dear Stephen,

None. Everything is run through email between users’ devices. CynkUp will send trending and other data to you in a standard, easily readable format.

— The CynkUp Team

Can I see a

Suzanne Z.

Minneapolis, MN

Dear Suzanne,

Sure. Email us to see CynkUp in action!

— The CynkUp Team